The MercadoIT Lifetime Warranty

From now on, you have a lifetime warranty with Cisco and Juniper.

We know how important it is to have piece of mind when working with technology, so that is why you have a lifetime warranty with the whole Cisco and Juniper range refurbished by MercadoIT, in order for your project to always be safe from the unexpected.

We know that networks play an essential part in the proper operation of your company. The products that you can acquire in MercadoIT offer you the best standards of quality and reliability, and come with guarantees to support them.

All your Cisco and Juniper products refurbished by MercadoIT have a lifetime warranty (during the time that you own the product). In addition, we complement this with an array of services to tackle all of your project needs.

Contact us if you have a problem with your product.  MercadoIT will always try to repair or replace your product. If the product is in stock, it will be replaced by one with the same features, or will be upgraded if the product is defective. In the event that a replacement or reparation is not possible, you will be credited with the amount you paid for the product. We can send the replacement product to your company, so that it can be installed even before sending us the original.

If you need to make a return, contact us so that we can give you a return authorisation number. You must return the product during the following 10 days since you received this number, your replacement product, or since you contacted us. 


This Warranty Covers/Does Not Cover


This Warranty Covers

  • Cisco and Juniper products refurbished by MercadoIT, and Arpers products.

  • Products that do not function upon arrival at your premises.

  • Products that do not function according to the manufacturer's specifications, and after correct usage.

This Warranty Does Not Cover

  • NIB products (new), NOB products (new open box) or wholesale (Cisco) sold by Mercado IT.

  • Misuse, abuse, accident, negligence, lack of maintenance, environmental factors, wrong configuration, floods, fire and other disasters, physical damage or electrical issues such as lightning, network overload, incorrect voltages or unsuitable modifications.

  • Batteries, software, licences, or other services (unless specified).



  • For all Cisco and Juniper equipment sold and refurbished by MercadoIT for the end user from March 2016. As well all Arpers products.

  • Exclusively for end users, as this warranty in not valid for resellers.

  • Valid only to the company that made the purchase.

  • The lifespan of a product is set as ten (10) years from the expiration date shown by the manufacturer, and ten years from the acquisition of Arpers products. 

  • All returns are carried out by following the procedure with a change or replacement number. (RMA).

  • The client must return the product with the return shipping costs paid within 10 days of receiving the return authorisation number. 

  • MercadoIT will cover shipping costs for repaired or replaced equipment.

  • The client is responsible for correctly packing the product, in order to avoid incidents during transit.

  • MercadoIT is not responsible for any incident that may occur during the shipment to your premises.

  • MercadoIT decides whether the product is to be paid, repaired or replaced.

  • The MercadoIT technical support service will attempt to resolve the problem by telephone, and then begin the replacement procedure if necessary.

  • Mercado IT reserves the right to replace defective equipment with other products of the same model, or another upgraded model with a similar function.

  • Mercado IT sends the replacement product before removing the original one (when SLA, NBD, 4 hours or In-Situ replacement maintenance is contracted).

  • For Cisco and Juniper products refurbished by MercadoIT, and acquired outwith the reseller channel.

  • MercadoIT guarantees that the equipment is free from defects providing that it is used correctly and according to the manufacturers specifications.

  • MercadoIT covers the return shipping costs for all clients in Spain and Continental Europe.

  • The client covers the shipping costs for sending the defective product to MercadoIT's premises.

  • Not applicable to new Cisco and Juniper equipment (NIB and NOB), nor acquired for their resale.

  • The products deemed worthy of replacing equipment not purchased by MercadoIT, but which MercadoIT provided an SLA replacement service are not covered by this warranty. 

  • MercadoIT is not responsible for situations associated to the breakdown of equipment such as possible damages, loss of intellectual property or goods, loss of profits/income or loss of use.

Providing there is no previously established arrangement, and according to what is agreed by MercadoIT in the contract, MercadoIT is free from all expressed, implied, legal or other kind of responsibility with regard to equipment, including, but without limitation to warranties and implied commercialisation conditions, suitability for individual purposes, convenience, or noninfringement. 

The resource for repair, replacement or refund, as determined in the contract, will be exclusive to the buyer in relation to any claim based on equipment. In no event will MercadoIT be responsible for any special, incidental, possible, or punitive damages, or derived from any kind, including but not limited to damages or loss of other property such as intellectual property, profits, incomes or loss of use.

The previously established lifetime warranty is terminated from when the buyer sells or transfers the equipment to a third party.

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