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Huawei refurbished and new

Find new, pre-owned and refurbished Huawei products at Mercado IT with the best prices

Mercado IT brings you new, pre-owned and refurbished products from this network solution manufacturer offering end-to-end services. This company manufactures all sorts of devices, from mobile phones to telecommunications equipment, allowing it to diversify its know-how and provide mobile communications, data networks and conceptual solutions.

At Mercado IT you can find Huawei products for wireless and core networks such as IMS, Mobiles Softswitch and NGN, as well as network devices, applications and hardware such as UMTS/CDMA terminals.

More than a third of the world's population uses communication systems built using Huawei network products. This leading provider of global communications technology is therefore ideal to boost your business project and improve your efficiency by making you better connected. Huawei's environmentally-oriented approach is in line with Mercado IT's policy of trying to use network hardware as efficiently as possible to try to generate minimal electronic waste, while maintaining the same specifications and performance at affordable prices.

Driven by its client-centered innovations and open associations, Huawei has created a number of end-to-end ICT solutions to offer your company or project very competitive advantages in the fields of telecommunications, company networks, devices and cloud computing. This company is strongly committed to creating the maximum value for telecom operators, businesses and end users. Mercado IT's Huawei products offer you the best network solution for your business or project.

Company networks

Huawei offers a comprehensive product line for company networks and solutions which include Ethernet switches, company routers, wireless company networks (WLAN), network security and products for network management.

Through the combination of network and security technology, cable and wireless networks and digital and network storage resources, Huawei helps you build the best campus, office network and WAN networks, as well as infrastructure platforms for integrated data centers.

Infrastructure for IT storage

Businesses demand reliable storage resources to act as a data storeroom for top layer applications, to provide a high performance level and to ensure an efficient resource management and use. To help cover your company needs and respond to eventual IT challenges, Mercado IT offers you Huawei's flexible storage solution to make the most of its smart and convergent storage functions, open architecture and integrated design.

Huawei's storage solution implements convergent storage which includes all resources, from top layer applications to the underlying storage infrastructure, allowing you to manage your data's entire life cycle, online storage, retention of data and Big Data analysis.

Discover the Huawei product categories that Mercado IT has to offer and find the best guaranteed technological solution for your project.

Huawei Routers

Network services and flexible communications

From integrated circuits specially designed for reliability and processing performance to the most advanced system architectures, including modular designs and first-rate storage and security features, these routers open a world of possibilities both for small businesses and for telecom corporations, ISPS and global companies.

They offer the speed, reliability and security you need while ensuring an extremely energy-efficient, flexible and scalable network infrastructure.

IP Telephony

Solutions tailored to your needs

Huawei's IP telephony offers solutions for businesses of all sizes, allowing companies to enjoy integrated mobile, video and office services. With an open, convergent and innovative approach, it allows you to build efficient and profitable collaborative offices for your project.


High performance data centers

Mercado IT offers you a wide range of high performance servers and components for data centers and campus networks. Its energy saving and energy management features reduce consumption and ensure a more efficient refrigeration, which gives you a higher density and greater capacity at a lower cost. Choose Mercado IT for your new, pre-owned and refurbished Huawei servers!


Improve your business' efficiency

By providing a convergent operability which optimizes the use of the system's capacity, Huawei storage products cover many of your company's needs: lower, medium or high end company applications, Big Data, vertical applications and cloud storage.

Some of these flexible storage products include converging SAN and NAS features to maximize versatility, while others converge in primary and back-up storage. The convergence of solid state units and drives dramatically increases your company's performance.


Architecture and design

Mercado IT's Huawei switches combine advanced architecture and design with superior reliability to provide high availability, high performance networks for large scale data centers, ISPs and IT networks for all kinds of businesses.

Its innovative networking, excellent management and secure features allow companies to keep up with growing demands for bigger bandwidth in convergent cable and wireless networks. Virtualization, high density clustering and software-defined network technologies provide switching that's flexible and scalable for multimedia server-based applications, robust cloud computing and big data agglomeration.

Huawei switches are known the world over as one of the best options regardless of your company's needs and size.


Speed and reliability

Mercado IT offers you a wide WLAN product range, compatible with most standards to establish secure high-speed wireless network connections for inner and outer applications.

Huawei's WLAN product line can be used in company offices, schools, hospitals, large shopping malls, exhibition centers, airports and many other facilities. Make sure your needs are met with Huawei's WLAN products!