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The historic merger of Dell and EMC led to the largest private technology company in the world, Dell Technologies.

One of the most outstanding products of the sector has been the family of data storage booths that reached revenues of 1,000 million euros and that have become one of the fastest growing products in Dell's history.

On the other hand, Dell PowerEdge servers have become the best sellers in the world and the company has also positioned itself as a leader in workstations and monitors, thus achieving the needs of its customers, both public administrations and SMEs and large corporations that find in Dell solutions the answer to their IT needs.

Thanks to the high qualification of its workers, Mercado IT reconditions used or reconditioned equipment 100% of its possibilities and guarantees its perfect functioning in all cases.

That's why Dell products refurbished, reconditioned by MercadoIT have a lifetime warranty.

Discover the product categories that Mercado IT puts at your disposal and find the best technological solution for your IT project with all guarantees.

All Dell products and refurbished equipment that offer you all the features you need at the best price. Trust in MercadoIT products.

Dell EMC Servers 

Powerful and affordable network engines with emphasis on expandability and reliability.

Dell EMC Storage  

A wide range of solutions that offers reliable backup, protection and consolidation. NetworksSuitable high-performance network solutions that connect end users with their data and applications.

Accessories for servers and for companies

When you purchase business accessories from a trusted partner such as Dell, you get much more than a simple solution. Get the opportunity to improve productivity efficiently and quickly.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items
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