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Servers Dell EMC new and refurbished

Find in MercadoIT servers that best suit your needs, regardless of the workload. It executes operations more efficiently, offers faster IT services, improves the productivity and performance of the entire company.

Tower Servers Dell EMC

For companies that require value, flexibility and a variety of performance options.

Dell PowerEdge T410 Server 

Advanced processing performance, memory and storage. Compact, flexible, quiet and easy to use, the Dell ™ PowerEdge ™ T410 uses Dell's next-generation technologies for reliable performance.

A 24-inch chassis depth provides optimum deployment flexibility for businesses with limited space.

With a world-class image and system similarity and customer-inspired usability, Dell ™ PowerEdge T410 offers a clean and logical design and power supply location for fast installation and simplified redistribution.

The Dell ™ PowerEdge T410 also includes a state-of-the-art chassis and enhanced fans and hard drives for exceptional reliability, smooth and quiet operations and ease of use.

Dell PowerEdge T420 Server 

It offers the robust performance, expandability and reliability your organization needs thanks to the abundant power, memory and I / O bandwidth of the PowerEdge T420 tower server.

Rack Servers Dell EMC

Flexible designs to optimize your applications.

Dell PowerEdge R510 Server 

The R510 can serve the needs of small and medium businesses or corporate environments by providing an excellent platform for core business applications such as Microsoft® SQL Server® and Microsoft® Exchange.

The R510 includes a number of features designed to meet the needs of many IT environments:
  • Advanced systems management capabilities
  • Short and dense 24" chassis
  • High availability and redundancy features
  • Cost-effective RAID option
  • Large amounts of internal storage capacity

Dell PowerEdge R610 Server 

1U, 2-socket Intel-based server, ideal for data centers and remote sites that require virtualization.

Dell PowerEdge R620 Server 

Rely on the exceptional combination of 2-socket 1U hyper-dense rack design and state-of-the-art server-side processing technology for exceptional productivity in space-constrained environments.

Dell PowerEdge R230 Server

Consolidate data and accelerate applications with 1U and 1 socket PowerEdge R230 basic rack server that is powerful, efficient and versatile.

Dell PowerEdge R330 Server

Make applications for SMEs, offices and remote branches faster with a rack-mounted 1-socket, high availability, powerful and expandable server.

Dell PowerEdge R430 Server

Maximum performance of 2 sockets for HPC, web technology and infrastructures with capacity for expansion.

Dell PowerEdge R530 Server 

Delivers balanced performance and mid-range expandability with a powerful server for 2U and 2-socket rack.

Dell PowerEdge R630 Server 

Maximize data center efficiency with a high-density database or virtualization engine that supports up to 10 solid-state flash drives in a 1U chassis.

Dell PowerEdge R440 Server

Obtain performance and density in a server for 2-socket rack and compact 1U for HPC, web technology and horizontal expansion infrastructure.

Dell PowerEdge R540 Server 

Adapt to diverse application needs with 2U, 2-socket rack server that offers the ideal balance of resources and affordability.

Dell PowerEdge R640 Server 

Obtain expandable computing and storage resources on 2-socket, 1U platform with the ideal combination of performance, cost and density for most data centers.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items
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