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Cisco wireless refurbished and new

Find the Best Wireless Technology at Mercado IT with the Best Conditions

With the wireless solutions provided by Mercado IT, you can provide the best service and access your data anytime and anywhere.

It is no longer necessary to depend on fixed networks in order to get the best network resources. Increase productivity and mobility by allowing access to company resources from anywhere in the workplace.

Maximum Performance and Dynamism

If you are looking for the best wireless connectivity, at Mercado IT, you can get yours with the highest speed, processing capacity and interference detection with all the reliability and the best technology as much for small businesses and the enterprise class, and is especially designed to improve performance and to cover your needs.

Implement or extend your network by cable, and maintain all of its performance and security. Connect to network resources from anywhere.

Large Cisco Wireless Catalogue

Mercado IT offers you a large quantity of compatibilities and combinations of features in wireless technology so you can increase productivity and let employees access company resources from anywhere in the workplace with ample coverage.

Keep your wireless transmissions secure, connect with the best transmission quality and forget about interrupted connections.

If You Do Not Find What You Are Looking For, We Will Get it For You.

At Mercado IT, we work with a large quantity of stock including what you see, and what you do not see, so if you do not find what you are looking for, contact us because we are likely to have it in stock. If not, we can surely get it for you.

Wireless Cisco

Improve the wireless experience in your company

Mercado IT is the main Spanish supplier of semi-new and refurbished Cisco products. Due to Cisco being the world's leading manufacturer of equipment and wireless network systems, we can offer you a wide range of Cisco wireless products.

The products increase productivity by connecting to more WI-FI users and improve the wireless experience with Cisco wireless equipment from Mercado IT, which allows you to offer access to any information and resource at any time.

New Requisites

Welcome to the wireless era

The enterprise class has new broadband requisites. As a result, networks shall be designed and built with the performance necessary to manage interactive multimedia resources for numerous users simultaneously. The wireless enterprise network solutions by Cisco currently provide the maximum performance, the best dynamic services, and the most scalable platform for business communication nowadays.

Greater speed, throughput and interference detection

We provide the broadband and the reliability necessary to handle interactive multimedia applications. Cisco wireless also offers true enterprise-class RF technology designed to maximize 802.11n standard performance and offer many other benefits.

In competitive tests, Cisco access points delivered Wi-Fi up to 169% faster in the 2.4-GHz spectrum and 64% in the 5GHz spectrum.

Make your VLAN networks more profitable

The wireless enterprise network solutions by Cisco let installation owners and commercial establishments make their WLAN networks more profitable by gaining the attention of their clients by means of mobility through solutions which are able to offer the content that their clients are needing at all times, according to their inclusion attributes, location, hold time and number of visits.
Transform the WI-FI network in an IT cost centre and turn it into a source of business innovation and income generation.

Simplify and automate

The wireless options help to simplify and automate the management tasks of network infrastructure, to improve experiences for the end user through the visibility of applications, users and terminals, and to speed up time to obtain value, to minimise the interruptions of the business and to solve problems quicker.

To respond to your company's high quality connectivity needs is increasingly more important in any business regardless of the number of workers, clients, products or services offered. 

In fact, the calculation in 2016 has to be taken into account of how the total traffic in companies would flow through wireless networks, as this is the connectivity option preferred by many, and for employees and clients alike.  

The problem that arises from wireless networks in most companies today is that they are not able to absorb an increase in mobile traffic. And not only do they need to be able to absorb it, as they also need to protect it from threats, and make it very easy for the IT department.

Enterprise wireless

Just like the new mobile applications are transforming business operations, the need for enterprise-class wireless is extending beyond the large enterprise type of company towards companies of all sizes, regardless of their IT resources.

The use of a secure and reliable wireless network has been an exclusive privilege for large companies with extensive experience in IT, but this is no longer the case. Cisco access points are designed with the security, reliability and simplicity that you need to satisfy your mobile needs, and with the capacity to take your business much further. 

Lower acquisition cost

At Mercado IT, you can have the typical wireless coverage found in large companies, which is completely adapted to your network needs. This is thanks to our bulk buying, so we can offer you great products by leading brands with 100% of their possibilities and big discounts.

At Mercado IT, you can find the best wireless technology for your company by leading brands such as Cisco wireless with total guarantee, the best conditions regarding flexibility, and the best professional advice with discounts up to 90%.  

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
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