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Find Juniper Networks, leader in innovation, at Mercado IT with the best prices

Mercado IT has a great variety of first-rate products and leading brands like Juniper Networks to help equip your company or project networks. You will find new and refurbished products with excellent performance at the best prices with up to 90% discounts. This refurbished hardware comes from the surplus stock large companies and distributors discard when they embark on technological changes or when they no longer need a specific hardware.

Mercado IT's highly qualified technicians completely refurbish these products and return them to their original specifications so that they perform at 100%. They guarantee these products operate perfectly and are always ready to help you in a flexible, friendly and professional manner.

Mercado IT also sells new Juniper Networks hardware products to ensure you find everything you need for your business with the best prices.

Rely on the leading provider to purchase new, refurbished and end-of-life Juniper Networks products

Mercado IT is the leading Spanish company for refurbished network hardware equipment from top brands. You can find refurbished Juniper equipment, as well as second-hand, pre-owned, used and renewed products. Remember you can also purchase new products such as routers, switches, firewalls or wireless equipment to cover all your technological needs.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we will get it for you

Mercado IT’s success is based on constant growth and a high inventory turnover. Due to the its large stock, Mercado IT is unable to list the references of all the products it has in stock or it can obtain, so if you don't see what you are looking for, simply contact our stock and procurement team for them to find you the product you need. Mercado IT has a very large stock and is able to obtain virtually any refurbished hardware product.

Many large companies already rely on Mercado IT to purchase refurbished Juniper Networks equipment in Spain, obtaining high quality technological equipment at very competitive prices thanks to a careful refurbishing, a great service and excellent guarantees.

Find out what Juniper product categories are available at Mercado IT and find the right solution for your business equipment or technological project from among the very best with the assistance of the best professionals.

Juniper Networks creates high performance network solutions and services which allow their clients to develop applications in a secure environment. Thanks to our extensive stock purchases we can offer you a wide array of Juniper products.

Routers Juniper

A comprehensive, scalable and secure solution for your project

A range of scalable and secure routers for businesses and network service providers. Core routers, peripherals and other security solutions for business and operator networks are Juniper's strong points. At Mercado IT you will find second-hand, renewed and refurbished Juniper routing equipment.

Juniper Switches

Juniper switching solutions improve networking economy by providing durable and reliable switching to meet the demands of large corporations such as telephone companies, telecommunications service providers or internet service providers. High density hardware which reduces the operating costs of resources in network environments.

Juniper Wireless

LAN and WLAN solutions for all types of businesses.

Wireless Juniper drivers, access points and management tools offer LAN and WAN wireless solutions for businesses of all sizes and kinds, from small facilities to the largest campus. Juniper wireless solutions provide the necessary scalability, resilience and security to support applications and services in many different fields such as health, education or business.

Leaders in innovation

New, pre-owned and refurbished.

As you can see, Juniper works mainly in three product areas: routers, switches and security. Mercado IT offers you the best solutions for your project from the leading hardware manufacturer in innovation for networks and network-related environment.

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  • Juniper Router MX80BASE-P MX80 chassis with PTP and Synchronous Ethernet support—includes one power supply, 2 empty MIC slots, 4x10GbE 10-gigabit small form-factor pluggable transceiver (XFP) built-in ports, fan tray with filter

  • Juniper Router MX240 MX240BASE-ACHIGH 4 slot MX240 base chassis with 1 AC power supply, 1 SCB.

  • Juniper Router MX480BASE-AC 8 slot MX480 AC base chassis, 1 fan tray, 3 AC power supplies, 1 SCB, 1 RE.

  • Juniper Router MX960BASE-AC 14 slot MX960 base chassis with 2 fan trays, 3 AC power supplies, 2 SCBs, 1 RE.

  • Alta densidad de puertos a 10G SFP+ y 6 puertos a 40G de uplink. Ideal para agregación de circuitos de 10G y transporte de caudal por los puertos de 40G. Ofrecen redundancia a nivel de fuente de alimentación y con posibilidades de MLAG

  • Alta densidad de puertos a 100G. Ofrece flexibilidad ya que los puertos de 100G pueden convertirse en puertos de 40/25/10G. Ideal para agregación de todo tipo de circuitos y transporte de caudal. Ofrecen redundancia a nivel de fuente de alimentación y con posibilidades de MLAG

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
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