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Find the Cisco router that you are looking for in IT Market with the best conditions

Choose the right router for the network of your company can be frustrating. It is obvious that you need a good performance and wireless coverage, but more likely it is that you don't want to have to update it. This coupled with all the numbers and specifications that come standard: 802.11 N, AC1750, N900. Let's put order. In IT Market, we have the best options to choose the router that you need, and also the best advisers so quiet, we have the router that you are looking for.

Connectivity in its maximum exponent

The router will provide connectivity at the network level, or level three in the OSI model (Open System Interconnection) unlike a switch, which provides connectivity to level two within this model.
Since the router´s main function is to send packets of data from one network to another, that is to say, the interconnect subnets to each other, it is essential that the connectivity is perfect.

Choosing the right router will help drive your business smoothly and protect your data is becoming the core of the communications of your company or project.

router cisco EA6700

Market IT offers the best technological answer

That's why the first question you should ask yourself is do you Need basic connectivity for immediate use, or you need a strong connectivity and powerful to keep all your business connected?
It also has particular importance to the software with which we will control our network. You must have security systems to prevent attacks, allowing us to control the bandwidth that we have to distribute and regulate the traffic of our website.

Cisco is the manufacturer of routers with greater fame and reputation and is the one that makes the difference in this field. IT market is the main provider of Cisco products new, pre-owned and reconditioned, so know that you're going to find exactly what you're looking for, with the best performance.

Find exactly what you need, keep the performance and at the best price

We can say that the router in place of getting a message across to all the networks that make up the internet, just move that message between the two networks involved, between the emitter and the receiver.
A router has a series of objectives distinct though intimately related: A router is responsible for ensuring that the information sent reaches the intended recipient, avoiding the go to destinations for unnecessary, irrelevant or unwanted.
To do this the router to join the networks of the sender and the receiver of a particular information, and only transmit the information fair and necessary to through them.

The transmission of information through a router has the following major advantages: The router is able to detect if a route is not working and look for an alternative In case you can choose between several possibilities, the router is able to search the route more quickly and efficiently.

In Mercado IT will choose the Cisco router you choose will be a choice safe, economical, and very efficient.

Cisco Routers

Go to applications, and integrates technologies

Routers and memories of Cisco IT Market, improve availability, and provide greater speed of provisioning. If what you need is a LAN access optimum in user-level, longer life of network infrastructure or expansion of a campus network, market IT responds to the specific needs of each project.

New, pre-owned and reconditioned. The routers of the series 2800, 1800, 3800, 1900, 2900, 800, 7200, 3900 are just a few of the Cisco routers that you can find in the IT Market. It also has the best cards Cisco for your router. You can get practically any Cisco router with all the features at the best price.

Router Cisco Refurbished

The Series

Find the router that best fits your needs

Cisco Router 800 series

Extends the power of the technology Cisco IOS small offices and tele-interviews with routers series Cisco 800. Routers ISDN in this series help customers get the most out of the managed network services, virtual private networks, applications of point-of-sale and secure access to the internet.

Cisco Router 1800 series

The evolution of the award-winning series of modular router 1700 comes in the series of routers, multi-service integrated Cisco 1800. Designed for secure data connections and to give added value significantly higher than its predecessor, with an efficiency 5 times higher than encryption and hardware-based integrated habilitable through an image of Cisco IOS optional.

Cisco Router 1900 series

Series Cisco 1900 is designed to meet the demand for smaller applications and to evolve to cloud-based services. Feature virtualized applications and secure collaboration through a broad range of WAN connectivity, high performance services offering simultaneous of up to 25Mbps.

Cisco Router 2800 series

The award-winning series routers Cisco 2800 is ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises. They are specially designed to give speed cable service, concurrent, highly secure and have the capacity for multiple connections T1/E1 services that include data, security, voice, video, and wireless.

Cisco Router Series 2900

The series of service routers integrated Cisco 2900 feature a modular design that allows for the reuse of a wide range of existing modules to meet the needs of your business. Agile implementation services, optimization and WAN connectivity, integrated security, unified communications, medianet, high performance.

Cisco Router 3800 series

The 3800 series routers Cisco integrated is perfect for small and medium-sized enterprises and branch offices. To simplify management, thereby reducing costs and the complexity of the network, and also for business applications to support mission-critical, providing a platform for high-security and high-speed cable.

Cisco Router Series 3900

Series routers Cisco 3900 provides great flexibility and performance for implementations of flexible networks, whether they are offices of companies in expansion or offices of large companies. While providing the security and protection of the leading manufacturer in the sector.

Cisco Router Series 7200

The number of routers 7200 offers an exceptional price/performance value. Modularity and scalability in a compact form factor with a wide range of deployment options.

Other products by Cisco in the IT Market:

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