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Mercado IT offers you a complete range of Huawei wireless products compatible with the most recent standards to provide you with wireless network connections in a simple, secure and efficient way for both interior and exterior environments.

Secure your wireless network in your office, school, hospital, shopping centre, or simply in your enterprise or business. Huawei wireless solutions solve all your wireless enterprise needs.

Wireless Networks for Any Environment

The selection of Huawei wireless access controllers is designed to offer flexibility in enterprise network solutions. Also offering wired connectivity, each solution is custom built for different sized organisations, from small and medium-sized businesses right up to large enterprises. This enables organisations to pick a WLAN solution that is perfectly suited to the networking demands they face.

Huawei Access Points

The access points available include indoor settled, indoor distributed and outdoor versions. Whether it is an office, hospital, conference centre, hotel or even a pedestrianized area - Huawei has an option to meet any requirement. The outdoor access points are all built to survive challenging, exposed conditions – they are dustproof, waterproof and can cope with high and low temperatures.

The access points support rich features with high density and include compliance with IEEE 802.11ac standards. While the signal strength of products vary, depending on the size and nature of the space that the client wishes to serve, all deliver high performance wireless connectivity.

Huawei can also offer applications that provide sophisticated wireless network management and control, as well as high network planning and optimisation capabilities. These help keep the WLAN environment performing at its best while also supporting bring your own device (BYOD) strategies and maintaining the highest level of enterprise security.

Other accessories the company can supply to enhance wireless networking include couplers, antennas, power splitters and adapter modules. Together, this comprehensive suite of solutions gives organisations of all shapes and sizes the chance to build a high performance wireless network that can meet the unique demands of staff and customers alike.  

Access Controllers

CCAA wireless for small office, campus environments, and large-scale, connected global enterprises.

Indoor Access Points

Wireless access points that support flexible access services for their use in enterprise offices, schools, hospitals, airports and more. 

Outdoor Access Points

Exterior protection for squares, streets, amusement parks and more; designed to provide flexible outdoor networking in various environments.  

Scenario-Specific Product Series

Coverage for high-density rooms, complex wall structures, rail transportation scenarios and train-ground backhaul network deployment.


Choose from a complete line of accessories according to your access requirements.

In Mercado IT you will find a huge product line of Huawei for your network at the best price: