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In the Huawei range of switches, design, advanced architecture and carrier-grade reliability are combined to increase the availability and performance of your data centre, and any size of internet and IT network supplier.

Huawei switches at Mercado IT allow to maintain the growing demand of broadband in all kinds of networks, whether they are convergent, cable or wireless. The catalogue of Huawei switches at Mercado IT provides scalability and flexibility for your networks and all your multimedia applications.  

Huawei Network Switches

The range of Huawei network switches at Mercado IT complements the capacities of your networks. Our philosophy of increasing efficiency while reducing costs is in sync with the Huawei range. With a maximum of 28% savings compared to Cisco OEM switches, the Mercado IT team can offer you a switching solution that provides high performance, reliability, efficiency, technology, and initial and overall running costs.

Some of the main characteristics of the Huawei Switching series include:

•             Energy efficient design for low carbon communication

•             Flexible service control

•            Outstanding security performance with RADIUS support

•             POE functionality

•             High scalability

•             Powerful Surge Protection capabilities

•             Comprehensive QoS Policies


Huawei Switches for small businesses - S1700 series  


The S1700 series of network switches are an energy saving, eco-friendly Ethernet switches developed and manufactured by Huawei. The switches are simple and straightforward to install and maintain while providing an abundant range of services and features that help small business customers benefit from a secure, reliable, and high-performance network.

Entry level enterprise switches - S2700 Series

This series provides high-energy savings at an affordable price. The S2700 range of switches utilises the Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) software to meet the demand for multi-service provisioning and access on Ethernet networks. The S2700 series of switches is simple to install and maintain, and offers a flexible VLAN deployment with comprehensive security and QoS policies. The range is ideally suited for next generation enterprise IT networks.

Enterprise Switching - Serie S3700

The Huawei S3700 series of switches use next generation energy hardware and Huawei VRP software to provide high performance access and aggregation for an enterprise campus network.

This series has flexible LAN deployment, PoE capabilities and comprehensive routing functionalities and can also migrate to an IPv6 network. The S3700 range is also highly reliable thanks to the stacking technologies VRRP, and RRPP enhancing overall network robustness.

Gigabit eEnterprise switching – Serie S5700

The S5700 gigabit series has been developed to meet the demand for high bandwidth access and Ethernet multi service aggregation for use in a range of enterprise network scenarios. Based on the Huawei cutting edge hardware and VRP software, this series offers a large switching capacity and high-density GE ports to reach upstream transmissions of 10 Gbit/s. The S5700 series of switches can function as an access or aggregation switch on a campus network or a gigabit access switch in an internet data centre. The range can also be used as a desktop switch to provide 1000 Mbit/s access for terminals. With advanced reliability, security and energy conservation technologies, the S5700 range helps build next generation enterprise networks that are highly efficient and cost effective.

10G Data centre switches - S6700 Series

The 10G case shaped S700 series of switches is ideally suited as an access switch in a data centre or a core switch on a campus network. The S6700 has industry leading performance and provides up to 24/48 line-speed 10GE ports. In addition, the S6700 provides rich services, comprehensive security policies, and various QoS features to help customers build a scalable, manageable, reliable and secure data centre. The S6700 is available in two models: S6700-48-IE and S6700-24-IE.

In Mercado IT you can find a wide range of Huawei IT equipments for your network at the best price: