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Extreme Networks refurbished and new | Enterasys

Find all the Enterasys product range at Mercado IT with the best prices

At Mercado IT you will find comprehensive solutions for network communications, switching, networking, VPN, wireless systems and the detection of intruders in your network environment.

Enterasys network solutions are based on a strong, flexible, secure and rigorous setting. In an ever more competitive and demanding market, with changing mobility needs, Mercado IT's new, pre-owned and refurbished Enterasys products are perfectly adapted to the demands of today's businesses.

Rely on Spain's leading provider

Mercado IT is Spain's leading provider of second-hand, pre-owned, used and renewed network equipment. And it can offer you a wide range of Extreme Networks equipment. We supply you with currently available Enterasys products as well as products which are difficult to find or discontinued.

Mercado IT also provides a wide range of new products from Enterasys and other brands, and it makes every effort to ensure refurbished products differ as little as possible from new products. That is why, whatever your choice, you will be choosing quality.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we will get it for you

The products in Mercado IT's catalog are only a small sample of what our company offers. It boasts the best selection of new and pre-owned or refurbished products, so if you don't see what you are looking for, please let us know. We probably have it in stock and, if we don't, we will quickly find it for you at the best price.

Many large companies have placed their trust in Mercado IT as their supplier of new, pre-owned and refurbished Enterasys products, providing them with low cost, high quality equipment performing at its best, with great service and the best guarantees.

Discover the product range that Mercado IT puts at your disposal and find the best guaranteed technological solution for your project.

Wireless and routing devices or its legendary switches. A vast catalog of refurbished, pre-owned or new products with excellent performance at the best price. Mercado IT: Enterasys products you can rely on.

Wireless Extreme Networks

The most scalable solution in the market

This is something that doesn't happen overnight. It requires continuous progress and growth over more than a decade with a broad and diversified client base. Extreme Networks has pioneered the development of the wireless industry, as well as a unified access for network infrastructures.

Enterasys offers you an exceptional user experience in terms of scalability and density so that you don't have to worry about what's going on inside and can sit back and enjoy the convenience of being always connected. Enterasys products from Mercado IT: simple, fast and smart solutions for an enjoyable experience.

Enterasys is the leading brand in high-density systems which currently provide next-generation wi-fi. Tested under the most demanding conditions, Enterasys offers you exceptional BYOD and mobile user experience, regardless of the location the users are at.

Access points, centralized management and applications to ensure the necessary performance and scalability to meet the user's needs, even in the most demanding environments.

Enterasys access points offer you the performance you need for every environment, by using equipment such as cables adapted for high density. These smart points are equally ideal for distributed and centralized deployment models.

Wireless Enterasys devices from Mercado IT are easy to implement and manage and offer the most advanced operability to allow organizations to define how the wireless equipment processes voice, video and data traffic with no architectural constraints, according to the needs of your business or project.

Switching y Routing

Flexible and Efficient

At the core of all adaptable networks there is a secure, flexible and efficient switching platform. Enterasys switches from MercadoIT provide platforms whose high performance and ample coverage from edge to core are already deemed legendary by many.

At Mercado IT we work with a wide variety of modular switches, achieving outstanding support for both small enterprises and more demanding and ambitious projects carried out by service providers and cloud data centers. With their extraordinary performance, high availability and redundancy, Enterasys products are simple, scalable and smart. Switches and routers from Mercado IT can be adapted to all your network needs, whatever they may be.

Stackable solutions

If you need to secure and enable the evolution of converged networks, we offer you specifically designed switches with an exceptional quality of service, low latency, endurance and an advanced performance in terms of speed.

Independent solutions

The versatility of our independent switching platforms will provide you with a wide range of features, factors and port densities to respond to any edge or access requirement.


Speed and Flexibility

Enterasys transceivers from Mercado IT provide speed and flexibility for platforms with Enterasys products compatible with pluggable transceiver technology. All these Enterasys transceivers, whether new, pre-owned or refurbished, are of the utmost quality and comply with the strictest industry standards. Mercado IT thoroughly tests its transceivers on all platforms to ensure ideal compatibility.

Multiple media, port speeds and transmission distances adapted to any environment.

The great assortment of transceivers of this type and connecting cables make it possible for you to deploy your Ethernet switches, wireless access points and drivers to be able to use different types of devices. Enterasys transceivers allow for Ethernet connectivity alternatives using twisted-pair copper cables and optic fiber, achieving speeds ranging from 100Mgbps to 40Gbps.

Twisted copper transceivers support transmission distances of up to 100 meters and optic fiber transceivers support single-mode and multimode optic fiber with transmission distances of up to 120 km. Copper and fiber solutions with integrated Enterasys transceivers offer low cost alternatives for 10 to 40 Gb Ethernet connections for distances ranging from 0.5 to 20 meters.