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Storage HP refurbished and new in MercadoIT

Regardless of whether your company is in start-up mode, or it already has the IT infrastructure in place, Mercado IT and HP can help you with solutions to solve your storage problems, and to establish the foundations for your growth in IT.

The New and Refurbished HP Storage from Mercado IT Helps You in All Stages of Your Business

The HP storage family from Mercado IT provides your personalised storage requirements. HP storage is easily integrated into new environments or ones which are already established, including SAN environments, and offer a simple and consistent management experience for storage administrators and general IT workers.

Should you be starting your business, project or application, it is important to pave the way to allow for future growth in an accessible way that is easy to implement and to administrate.

If you are at the growth stage and adding jobs to your Mercado IT project, Mercado IT offers you HP storage solutions to respond to these new opportunities, and it is necessary to adjust budgets to the maximum capacity of applications.

If your project is in the development process and your needs start to seem like those of a larger organisation, we help you to cover the strictest demands in regard to activity and performance with new and refurbished HP storage.

Personalised Solutions

Mercado IT offers you especially designed solutions to perfectly adapt to all stages of your business. We help you to solve the challenges that organisations face today, and provide solutions which are reliable to operate with, easy to manage and affordable.

At Mercado IT, we analyse your business needs and the challenges you face, in order to find the most suitable solutions, and cover all technological and storage needs regardless of the development stage in which your business may be.

The virtualisation of the servers and the applications which are executed in them lead to requiring new levels of dependency of the shared storage infrastructure to support growth, to reduce wasted capacity and allow greater levels of availability for the applications.

Business applications such as mailing and databases require storage that offers a performance and service levels that keep users connected and are productive during the whole day and night. The storage of shared files increases, and becomes gradually more complex. More files, more users and more devices require proper planning and appropriate storage.

The storage and flash solutions for companies sold nowadays need continual update processes. These products tend to block users in three or five years and affect a large part of the technology, depending on the organisation and the volume of data growth. The storage must be updated. The better the storage, the quicker and cheaper it is, and clients often end up paying an extra charge for maintenance costs. During the updating period, clients are often unable to take advantage of the best and recent improvements in hardware due to high costs. At the time of updating software, they are obliged to plan and carry out a complex migration effort which often involves inactivity or an impact in the performance.

The old approach of buying new hardware is not economically beneficial, nor is it beneficial for the integrity of clients' businesses because it involves large investments in drastic hardware changes for storage consumption. In practice, clients must have a prominent role when it comes to defining their storage needs. Mercado IT's objective is to offer the possibility of acquiring storage which is perfectly adapted to the needs of your business without the need to spend more, or to have to stop your infrastructure. An HP storage system that implements modern technology adapted to you and with horizontal scalability designed to allow clients to be able to select the equipment that is really needed for both capacity and performance.

With the introduction of these new HP storage possibilities, clients can now keep equipment adapted to their business without the need to bear the expense of large investments in infrastructure, or to quickly deploy new technologies. This approach eliminates the need to update hardware infrastructures and costly migrations each time a new platform is implemented.

In short, this is a good time for the storage market, as well as the whole storage industry, thanks to Mercado IT, which is focused on providing optimal adaptability for the needs of each client.


In Mercado IT we have a wide range of HP IT Hardware for your business at the best price:

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