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Juniper Firewall

Juniper Firewall. The Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) by Juniper Networks

As the scale and sophistication of cybercrime continue to increase, business enterprises have to reconsider their defensive strategies. In order to be truly effective, next-generation security must be built around automated and actionable intelligence that can be enforced quickly to reduce risk, and to protect the network and its users.

Secure defined networks by Juniper Firewall software give networks end-to end-visibility that protects the whole physical and virtual network. Take advantage by leveraging cloud economics in the Juniper Firewall cloud to find and stop threats faster.

The unified SDSN platform combines policy, detection and enforcement with a comprehensive product portfolio that centralises and automates security.

Policy: simplified, centrally-managed policies are intelligible for all devices on a heterogeneous network.

Detection: threat intelligence is added to a common cloud-based service with policies that adapt to changing threat conditions providing quick and effective protection.

Enforcement: updated policy is distributed across the network, dynamically and in real time, stopping rogue traffic and quarantining compromised endpoints.

SDSN transforms your network into a single, holistic defence domain where every element becomes an enforcement point. This is the future of the secure network.

Next-Generation Juniper Firewall Against Threats

High performance security with the most advanced technology, integrated threat intelligence, delivered on the industry’s most scalable and resilient platform. Juniper firewalls set new benchmarks with 100GbE interfaces and feature Express Path technology, which enables up to 2-Tbps performance for the data centre.

In their most basic form, the firewalls work as a filter between the computer / network and Internet. You can programme what you want to get out, and what you want to get in. There are several different security servers used to filter information and some are used in combination. These methods work at different layers of a network, which determines how specific the filtering options can be.

The firewalls may be used in different ways to increase the security of your business. Large enterprises often have very complex firewalls to protect their extensive networks. Firewalls may be configured to prevent employees sending certain kinds of email messages or the transmission of sensitive data outside of the network.

In addition, Juniper firewalls may be programmed to prevent access to certain websites (such as social network sites). They can prevent external teams from accessing computers within the network. An enterprise could choose to designate a single team in the network to share files, and all other teams could be restricted. There is no limit to the variety of configurations which are possible when using secure servers. Extensive configurations normally need to be managed and maintained by Mercado IT experts.

Security for Any Size of Data Centre and Edge Enterprise

They offer a large range of options - from all-in-one integrated physical and virtual security networking devices, to highly scalable chassis-based data centre solutions - that can defend enterprise data centres and service suppliers of any size.

Comprehensive Threat Protection

This firewall series provides advanced, next-generation defence against known and unknown threats with a complete range of security services in layers both local and in the cloud.

Maximum Performance and Scale

Supports fast, secure, and highly available data centre and enterprise edge operations with unmatched performance and scalability, massive session volumes, and flexible large-scale connectivity, with ultra-low latency performance of up to 1 Tbps.

Carrier-Grade Reliability

Juniper firewalls deliver continuous uptime through in-service hardware and software upgrades, redundant components, and carrier-class hardware for resiliency. The high-end SRX Series gateways deliver six-nines reliability for non-stop business continuity and application availability.

Superior Security Value

Juniper firewalls provide outstanding value for high-speed, highly effective security services—even with multiple services enabled. The system’s flexible and modular approach protects your investment by scaling for future network growth.

In Mercado IT, a part of Juniper Firewall you can find other categories of Juniper IT Hardware for your business at the best price:

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