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The networks have changed in recent years. Are now compatible with more types of users and devices that connect from more places. The mobility solutions have played an important role in this change. Applications of voice and video are common, and the requests of the users of services are increasingly diverse. To keep up to date with these changes fast-paced, the majority of companies simply increase the budget in solutions of new hardware such as new wireless devices without taking into account the existing infrastructure. Are added in a similar way more equipment network without having a clear plan for optimization of resources and future growth is sustained.

As one of the large hardware companies, IT refurbished in Spain, we help companies to simplify management, improve performance and save money through the acquisition of equipment, pre-owned or reconditioned completely for them to offer the 100% of the benefits needed in your company or project without affecting the budget in telecommunications.

Switches HP MercadoIT provide the flexibility that allows companies to satisfy their current needs actual without assuming a surcharge unnecessary for purchasing an equipment OEM. An extensive catalogue of switches and routers, and backed by strict quality control of MercadoIT.

You can opt-in to the portfolio of switches from HP are designed to meet the changing needs of the customers.


Designed to make customers aware of the importance of that everything works fine in a small office environment looking for switches HP new or refurbished reliable and easy to use.

E - Series

The E-Series is designed for small and medium-sized companies that are looking for proven technology essential that it is affordable and easy to use, while they support some of the complex requirements and scalability for future needs.


A-Series is designed for customers with large deployments or very complex ones that require the most advanced technology in their IT infrastructure to boost their competitive advantage.


The S-Series provides security solutions that stop proactively network threats without hindering business continuity.

HP innovations in MercadoIT extend to the reduction of the environmental impact of your network. Using products refurbished reduce this impact thanks to avoid the manufacture of new hardware equipment, efficient use of resources and the reduction of e-waste.

HP Switches that you can find in the IT Market can be classified in many ways, including the environment in which it is implanted, the capabilities they offer or the form factor.

Although in MercadoIT we know that each business is unique in their requirements for the network, the companies that are approximately the same size often have needs similar network.

Regardless of the needs to have your company in MercadoIT we can advise you. Although companies have large large-scale networks that are often quite sophisticated and complex, requiring the management of the site. Small and medium-sized enterprises, for their part, have smaller networks that they can still be quite complex, in general smes have a smaller budget for telecommunications infrastructure and also a team of IT smaller. Another category, the data center, it is added to this categorization. A data center is a centralized location for the storage and management of information and therefore has specific requirements, such as high-speed links and redundancy.

Usually we can recommend always the HP switch that best suits you, although there are some that can be deployed in more of a network environment.

What are the most important things to keep in mind?

For network professionals that compare HP switches from different vendors, there is a wide variety of different switches available, and several things to consider, depending on the company size, budget and needs. Two of the largest manufacturers of switches are Cisco and HP, which offer extensive lines of network switches . There has been a lot of discussion about the suitability of the Cisco switches vs HP for office environments. In IT market, we have both, but you to make a comparison so that you can the one that best fits your business.

Experts say that the HP Switch ProCurve compete directly with the switches for networks of Cisco, and there is friction between the two companies.

In BradReese.comyou can find information and analysis on different options for switching, including a comparison Tolly Group HP ProCurve vs. Cisco TCO, and much more.

Our humble opinion, the first thing is to know the size of your company, and not in regard to dimensions are concerned: we suggest Cisco as the way forward for a great business. Cisco is the clear leader for large enterprises. On the other hand, the Switches of HP may be enough for a simple setup in a small company and if the price is the main decisive factor in the evaluation process.

Comparison of the functions of the Cisco switch and HP Switch

The Cisco switches Campus LAN

switches HP Campus LAN

Cisco core and campus distribution switches

access Campus switches

HP Campus LAN core / distribution switches

HP campus / branch switches, LAN

data center switches from Cisco

data center HP change

Data center Cisco switches

Data center HP change

virtualization of the network switching Cisco

virtualization of the network switch HP

creation of virtual networks of Cisco

Network virtualization HP





How can you differentiate your core switch on the campus of products from the competition?

"Core switch of the campus, HP offers a network architecture simplified designed for scalability and reliability," said Kash Shaikh, senior director of product marketing, marketing, and technical engineering of HP Networking.

"We've really simplified the management of the central switch of the school, for our customers," said Shaikh. "HP 10500 gives you a consistent architectural theme throughout the data center, campus and branch - through the Center of Intelligent Management." This is especially in contrast with Cisco, that account management systems are separate for their switches, Nexus and catalyst."And switches of the series 10500 HP offer a latency 75% lower than its competitors," said Shaikh.

In terms of networks and routing protocols that supports the switch, switches HP are compatible with virtually all industry-standard protocols, including RIP, OSPF, and BGP. In addition to the 10500 supports up to 576 GbE or 10-port 1 GbE at wire-speed. Can support up to 96 ports of 40 GbE at wire-speed. The modules 100 GbE are not yet available, but each slot can support up to 1.1 Tbps performance with modules of fabric today.

In short, the new switches represent the continued advancement of the switches of the upper part of the rack with the performance and port density to handle servers with interfaces of 10 Gb. Also have sufficient density and bandwidth to support a wide variety of implementations.

In Market IT have all the products of HP are required for the equipment IT of your company at the best price:

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