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It’s difficult, but possible. In the IT market, we have been working for over ten years to give new life to professional technological equipment that would otherwise end up in a landfill or in a corner of our clients’ facilities at best. Additionally, for years we have had a great partner that has now become part of our company, namely Ralco Networks, with over 25 years of experience in the maintenance and support of professional equipment and networks. A perfect union between efficiency, profitability, and sustainability.

With all this, we not only can repurchase, sell, rent, or provide maintenance and support for top brands like Cisco, Dell, Juniper, or HPE, but we also have a strong commitment to the environment and your budget.

Extending Lifespan and Reducing Environmental Footprint

The main focus of our business is extending the life cycle of professional IT equipment. Thanks to refurbishment and support services, we can extend the useful life of a device by up to 80% or 15 years beyond the End of Life date provided by manufacturers. Refurbishing and maintaining these devices result in significant savings, both financially and environmentally, not to mention the cost and effort of changing equipment frequently while maintaining the security of your data and without compromising your business’s performance.

Maintaining and improving the life of devices in an End of Service/End of Life state means embracing sustainability and profitability in a simple, convenient, and secure way.

Customized Maintenance and Support to Meet Your Technological Needs

We understand that each project is unique and has different requirements. We are experts in listening, advising, and finding the best solution to optimize your project. Professionalism, technical knowledge, experience, and adaptability come together to support your infrastructure tailored to your needs wherever and whenever you need it.

The People Behind the Networks

The MercadoIT engineering team is the backbone of our great technical capacity. This highly qualified team allows us to ensure and optimize any solution our clients require in terms of time and budget. IT refurbishment and support enable significant economic savings of up to 70% compared to purchasing new equipment. The discussion about planned obsolescence by manufacturers and the ethical question of creating more durable and environmentally friendly products is on the table.

Ensuring Continuity as the Goal

Operational continuity is a critical aspect in any business environment. To ensure that your equipment works without interruptions or hiccups, we have various support contracts to assist you at all times. Options such as Remote + Spare and Full Service, along with modalities like 8x5NBD, 24×7 4H, and On-Site, form the spectrum of tranquility for your equipment. Working with reliable equipment that covers all your business needs, with guarantees and a high environmental component, is beneficial for you and the planet. In this regard, we have been paving the way for years and anticipating regulations to ensure that your investment in IT and the environment is in perfect balance.

Profitology, More Than Equipment Repurchase

And after maintenance comes repurchase.

Keeping your equipment in perfect condition and functioning without interruptions is essential to ensuring the smooth operation of any company. However, there are times when needs change, either up or down, or some equipment simply no longer serves its purpose. It’s time to replace them.

At MercadoIT, we not only keep your equipment running but also repurchase the equipment you no longer use.

When it comes to making a business decision, it’s advisable to consider ecology and profitability as a single path, not divergent paths. We have found a way to unite the two pillars when purchasing technology into a single concept that did not exist until now: Rentology.

Rentology is the philosophy that allows you to get value from technological equipment you no longer use while making a conscious and environmentally respectful decision. Our Rentology concept has several phases, such as the repurchase process, refurbishment, and return to circulation or resale, where your business and profit are always at the forefront.

The Profitability Management Flow

This process goes beyond a simple repurchase and sale transaction. We have carefully designed an IT asset management flow that makes the entire process simple, convenient, secure, and profitable. From the initial consultation, we try to understand exactly what your needs are and offer an upward assessment. If we agree, we move on to the careful steps of collection and reception, certified data erasure, and technical audit. Once these processes are completed, we issue a comprehensive report of the characteristics and audited units, and upon your validation, we make the payment for the agreed-upon price.

What Equipment We Buy

At MercadoIT, we give new life to a wide range of technological equipment. From networking (such as switches, routers, and transceivers) to servers and storage cabinets, to laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices from leading brands such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, DELL, Microsoft, Lenovo, Apple, and Samsung. If you are considering upgrading your unused technology, our repurchase offer is your opportunity to get value from equipment you no longer need.

Profitology: Good for You and the Planet

One of the cross-cutting components in everything we do is sustainability (economic, social, and environmental), and it is more present in the repurchase process than in any other. Each year, we prevent the manufacture and disposal of about 50 tons of technological equipment by giving them a second life in different professional environments. Additionally, each year, we manage the recycling of about 11 tons of equipment and components that cannot function properly again, according to current regulations on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). This recovery and return to the market, along with the responsible management of equipment that is no longer valuable, is our small contribution to the planet while bringing top-notch technology and equipment to companies that otherwise could not access it.

Join Profitology

In summary, MercadoIT’s rentology is much more than a repurchase and sale process. It is a commitment to sustainability and achieving your business objectives.

A carefully thought-out process designed to make things easier for you, a wide range of accepted equipment, and the reduction of environmental impact—MercadoIT presents itself as your ideal partner to transform unused equipment into valuable resources and liquidity for your company. If you’re wondering what to do with the equipment from that relocated office, need to expand or upgrade your data center, or simply need more information, contact us.

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