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Interview key aspects of the MercadoIT – Gote merger

Directivos Gote-MIT

In this short interview we will share details about the recent merger between MercadoIT S.L. and Gote S.A. David Llusar is CEO of MercadoIT and Jaume López is CEO of Gote.

Could you explain the essence behind this collaboration?

David Llusar: Our alliance stems from a deep commitment to quality technology and sustainability. Together, MercadoIT and Gote consolidate more than 40 years of experience in the telecommunications sector and refurbished professional network equipment. This union not only expands our national and international coverage, but also strengthens our customer network and our capacity to offer integral solutions adapted to the needs of each case.

What are the immediate benefits for clients and how will this union be reflected in the services offered?

Jaume López: Our customers will benefit from the outset from a broader and more specialised offer, including telecommunications products and services and refurbished equipment, areas on which we intend to focus with this alliance. The integration of our product and service lines allows us to provide complete and customised solutions, backed by quality guarantees and a firm commitment to efficient delivery and exceptional technical support.

What is the key message you want to convey to the market about this joint venture?

David Llusar: We want our customers and the market to know that this union represents a step forward towards greener and more complete technology. With our commitment to quality, adaptability and sustainability, and to making a positive and lasting impact on the industry and the planet, while keeping our customers’ needs and expectations at the centre.

What are some of the most remarkable figures you can share about the impact and scope of your combined business?

David Llusar/Jaume López: We are very proud of the synergies we have achieved with this union. Together, we now serve a customer base of more than 2,100 customers, which testifies to our strong relationship and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our presence extends to more than 100 countries, demonstrating our ability to operate and adapt to diverse market conditions and customer needs worldwide.

We have been in business for 40 years, a heritage that gives us a deep understanding of the market and a solid reputation. Our team has grown to 70 members, representing 11 different nationalities, providing a rich diversity of perspectives and skills, which is fundamental to the growth and development of the people in our company.

In financial terms, our combined turnover reaches €15 million, which gives us a solid base to invest in business expansion. All these figures are just a representation of the effort, dedication and the road we have travelled to get here. We would like to thank all the people in both teams who have helped us to make this possible.

We have also created a page specifically to explain in detail the benefits of this union:

Quick questions/concepts to understand the merger:

1. What motivates the union between MercadoIT and Gote?

The search for synergies to offer more sustainable and advanced technological solutions to our clients.

2. What is the long-term vision of this collaboration?

To be leaders in sustainable technology solutions, maximising national and international coverage.

3. How will this partnership benefit your existing customers?

It will expand our range of products and services, improving efficiency and support.

4. What innovations can customers expect in terms of products or services?

Innovations in telecommunications, quality refurbished equipment, full service partners and a great team of exceptional people at their service.

5. How does this union align with current market trends?

It responds to the growing demand for green and efficient technology.

6. What role does sustainability play in this partnership?

It is central, we seek to minimise environmental impact while delivering state-of-the-art technology.

7. How do MercadoIT and Gote complement each other in this partnership?

MercadoIT brings its expertise in the IT EOS/EOL market, while Gote brings its specialisation in telecommunications products.

8. What challenges do you anticipate and how do you plan to overcome them?

The integration of systems and business cultures of the two companies. We will overcome this with constant communication and collaboration.

9. How will the merger affect competition in the market?

It will set new standards for quality and sustainability, driving requirements in the sector.

10. Finally, what message do you want to send to the market with this union?

That we are committed to delivering high quality, innovative and sustainable technology solutions.

Motivation of the Union

The collaboration stems from the common goal to lead in sustainable technology solutions, combining decades of experience in telecommunications, IT EOS/EOL technology. The union reflects the commitment to quality and sustainability, hoping to set a new standard in the market.

Long Term Vision

It aspires to become an industry leader, focusing on the expansion of telecommunications and refurbished products and services that promote environmental sustainability and technological advancement. This approach aims to respond to future market needs and global challenges.

Benefits for Existing Customers

Customers will enjoy a more diverse and specialised offering, backed by both companies’ commitment to quality. The integration of product lines enables complete solutions, from network infrastructure to maintenance and support solutions.

New Products and Services

Significant innovations in telecommunications and information technology, with refurbished equipment leading the way, reflecting a commitment to cleaner and more efficient technology.

Alignment with Market Trends

The union is perfectly aligned with the growing demand for technologies that minimise environmental impact, offering products and services that contribute to the creation of a sustainable future.

Role of Sustainability

Sustainability is a fundamental pillar, seeking to reduce the carbon footprint through the promotion of refurbished equipment and the extension of its useful life, demonstrating a real commitment to the environment.

Complementarity of MercadoIT and Gote

MercadoIT brings its robust expertise in IT technology lifecycle management, while Gote brings its expertise in telecommunications. This complementarity strengthens our ability to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Anticipated Challenges

Operational integration represents a challenge, but with a strategy of digitisation and effective collaboration, these obstacles are expected to be overcome, unifying efforts towards a common goal.

Impact on Competition

The union is expected to drive improvement in the sector, setting high standards of sustainability and quality that will benefit the market and the environment.

Message to the Market

The MercadoIT-Gote joint venture sends a message of commitment to delivering technological solutions that not only advance operational efficiency but also promote environmental sustainability and social welfare.

MercadoIT and Gote face these opportunities, highlighting their vision, commitment to quality and contribution to the global market dialogue. The merger not only represents a strategic step for both companies, but also strengthens their market position and their ability to offer comprehensive and sustainable solutions to their customers.

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