We are looking for talent


Products that change the way we see things in technology. Services and opportunities that change ordinary interactions into extraordinary experiences.


Professionals from the sector working together as an intelligent, inspiring and collaborative team, where mutual respect and continuing improvement are the main rule.


Opportunities to achieve your customers’ joy and your personal satisfaction.

We inspire human connections.

We work in the technology branch but there’s a lot of ways for you to help within MercadoIT. If you want to work with us, there’s an opportunity here for you to get to know our marketplace, to manage our products, repair them, communicate them, know our process and also our people.

Nuestros departamentos:

  • Distribution
  • Technical
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Sales
  • Administration

Come join us

In MercadoIT we are continuously searching for talent and willingness to work in the IT sector, whether if it’s in logistics, technical department, sales, purchasing or accounts. And we have an internship program.


We find ourselves in the middle of a technological transformation which is changing our way of doing business; from small solutions to large corporations. If your goal is to connect people and technology, contact us.

Sales & Distribution

Sales are essential in every Company and these depend on people with initiative, passion and people skills. If you are looking for a commercial job where you can grow easily and you are enthusiastic about technology, contact us.

Professional Internships

If you are looking for a Company where to apply for an internship and become a future professional of the Information Technologies and Telecommunications, we can give you that opportunity here at MercadoIT.
Students who do their internship with us gain experience within a continuous learning environment where the basis are the practical activities. It is highly likely that the interns who learned with us become full time employees at our company.

Work with technology in a company who is economically strong

A Company who is offering a deep commitment to creating beneficial conditions for you to work with and where you can grow personally and professionally.
For the technical job we accept applications from graduates or postgraduates. It is not essential for you to have experience in the sector but we appreciate your interest in technology.

The secret in MercadoIT’s success is the team it is composed of.

You would like to work with us but you don’t really know in what department? Let us know and tell us what are your particular highlights.
We hire during all year, no deadlines. So if you are thinking of working with us, please send us your resume or contact us, maybe we can mutually help each other.


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