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Solutions for cable operators.

MercadoIT offers great solutions to meet evolving needs of telecommunication service providers.

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Our products

Explore our abilities to adapt to the increasing demands of capacity and connectivity in the most efficient way with high level of service.

servidor cisco

Choosing the correct router helps to improve a customer experience with performance, security and maximum coverage at all levels.

servidor cisco

Connect with more users and devices to cover voice or video demands at the same time simplifying administration and performance.

servidor cisco

Choose from high performance servers such as rack, blade or high density servers that achieve reliability and cost efficiency.

Customer experience.

Provide high quality experiences for your customers, speed up conflict resolution and reduce costs. Our team can help you build a better customer experience and reduce costs.

Strategic Partner

The world of cable network operators has changed quickly. As a partner and supplier for years, we support you with customized products and solutions of next generation.

Our partners

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Maintenance service

Everything is under control

Discover our planes of maintenance

We know how important is peace of mind when you work in technology and now you may have three levels of maintenance for your company's hardware to keep your project always safe from any unforeseen.

  • Support Hours: 8x5

  • Response Time: 4 hours

  • Replacement time of equipment in case of failure: NBD

  • Access to the service by phone and email from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.


Arpers is the store of compatibles that extends the value of your network by offering high quality alternatives to OEM products, with personalized customization and conditions that even they can not provide. All Arpers products have been designed, tested and stored in our warehouse in Spain and backed by high customer service and lifetime warranty.

Arpers Product Range includes:

  • Rack cabinets

  • Structured cabling

  • DAC & AOC Cables, Fiber Optics

  • Transceivers

Discover Arpers

comprar hardware de redes refurbished comprar hardware de redes refurbished

Providing solutions to cable operators.

We know that cable operators need performance, capacity and efficiency. Our solutions are the result of the direct collaboration with some of the main partners in this sector together with professional counselling.

Discover our products and services that help us innovate constantly while providing a high quality customer experience.

soluciones ftth


In MecadoIT we have reached an agreement with APFutura and PT Inovaçao to establish an alliance of distribution of FTTH solutions, including the post sales service as well as the maintenance of the equipments with a specific software.

This alliance comes with the motivation to offer the best product and service in the market of FTTH networks.

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